Thank You to My Little Girl’s Dada

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dadas out there! Just a short post today to say a big thank you to Mr E for all that he does for Miss EEE and me. It’s no small ask to take care of our wonderful daughter and her mentally illuminated Mama. So by way of saying thank you, I thought I would pay tribute to all that you do for us both in this small photo story…

From the moment she was born you were there for us both. My rock. When I couldn’t bring myself to sleep on the first night, in case she stopped breathing, I was beside myself but your calmness and love was unwavering.
You rescue me and Miss EEE from any dramas. Like the time I got caught in torrential rain without the buggy cover. You met us in the pub and helped me to laugh about it.
You are Miss EEE’s favourite play mate!
You just KNOW when I need some mum escapism. Be it candlelit baths, breakfast in bed or encouraging me to get out the house and write this blog… I love how you always remind me to take care of myself first and help me switch off my Mama mind.
You encourage our daughter in every stage of development. You encourage me everyday to stay positive and give myself a break. I love you Mr E (AKA Super Dada!)

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