5 Senses: 1 Food Joy – Sharing Pancakes on the Dance Floor

Take 5 Mama! Put your feet up, grab a cuppa and lose yourself in the second of the 5 Senses: 1 Food Joy series. This week we are hitting the dance floor and sharing a pancake in-between throwing some mad shapes!

5 Senses: 1 Food Joy – Sugar Cane in Ethiopia

The ‘5 Senses: 1 Food Joy’ series immerses you in a joyful food experience from another place and time, for a bite sized moment of mum escapism! It uses a structure from a popular grounding technique, describing 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch, 2 things you can smell and one thing you can taste.

Read on to escape the daily grind and transport yourself to an Ethiopian market, sharing sugar cane with the local children.